Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Thirty Years War

I took this picture of some model Thirty Years War Swedish Pikemen in the Army Museum in Stockholm on my last visit. The figures are 1/6th scale, hence the amazing detail.

I was initially attracted to the Great Northern War by the striking blue and yellow uniforms. Some years ago for the same reason, I bought a lot of the Revell Thirty Years War plastics. As a set they probably remain the best plastic figures ever produced. I painted quite a few and even started to buy some of the Tumbling Dice 20mm ECW metals to fill the gaps (especially as regards pike men).

I started thinking about the Thirty Years War again with the announcement of the new Warlord plastic ECW figures. They claim that they are suitable for both ECW and Thirty Years War but, in fact, there are quite a few differences in the fashions of the period not least of which is headgear, baggier trousers and the length of jackets. Recently, however, The Assault Group have released some proper Thirty Years War Swedes and I have just ordered a couple of packs to see what they are like. They are sculpted by Nick Collier who did the wonderful Renegade ECW figures. I expect them to be slightly smaller than the latter as, apparently, he wasn’t that happy in being asked to sculpt them so large. I gather that the Warlord figures will be compatible with the Perry ECW figures which are much smaller than the Renegade ones. For ECW I will stay with Renegade and Bicorne, I think. I am trying to finish some of the part-painted figures on my workbench and have four Renegade Musketeers to do to complete my second ECW Regiment.


  1. A long time ago I started painting figures from the 'Elizabethan' range by Foundry, and recently I have returned to this range with the intention of completing an English/Spanish force for games set around 1588. With the idea of utilising the same figures for a broader period, I have started to consider the Thirty Years' War as a possibility. I would be genuinely interested in any views people might have on uniform styles and figure compatibility.


  2. Hi,

    Do you know if his set of Swedish Infantry still available?
    Aleasa Hogate
    Educational Director
    New Sweden Centre
    Wilmington, Delware

  3. If you are talking about the Revell figures they are out of production but you can get them on internet shops. Amazon has some at present:


  4. awesome figure set did not know they existed, now im inspired to add a years war diorama as one of my future projects...