Friday, 6 November 2009

First Galloping Major figures ordered

Friends under fire by Robert Griffing

Well, although the last thing I need is another wargames period I have just given in and ordered a couple of packs from Galloping Major's French Indian War range. Some Canadian Militia and some Mohawks (or, rather, Kanienkehaka, as my Canadian First Nations Aboriginal contacts would no doubt prefer).

I have also just discovered the wonderful paintings of Robert Griffing, an artist from Pennsylvania who concentrates on painting scenes featuring the Eastern Woodland Indian in the eighteenth century. His paintings will help a great deal on colour schemes for the figures. Looking forward to them already!


  1. Our first pack of rangers have been released, along with 3 packs of Huron.

    Galloping Major Ltd

  2. You can find a good selection of the paintings of Robert Griffing and similar artists on-line at Lord Nelson's Gallery in Gettysburg. They also stock a great range of books for the F&I and AWI Wars periods.