Saturday, 12 January 2013

Empress Miniatures v Renegade Miniatures English Civil War Cavalry

Empress (left, Renegade (right)

I bought some of the marvellous new Empress ECW cavalry figures even though I suspected that they wouldn't go with my existing Renegade figures.  Renegade are big figures and the Perry's I bought to go with them were much smaller and I sold them on (except the cuirassiers (see blog title picture) where I kept the riders and remounted them on Renegade horses so they look fine in the same unit.

 Empress (right), Renegade (left)

Much to my surprise the Empress figures are large and I won't have any issue in putting them in the same unit as my Renegades.

Empress (top) Renegade (bottom)

I'll have to buy some foot now!

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